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Best Cleanest Tap Water Countries in the World

pure water
pure water

When it comes to clean and safe drinking water, some countries lead the way with their exceptional water quality and advanced purification systems. In this post, we’ll explore the top countries where you can confidently drink tap water without any concerns. Interestingly, you might notice that Australia, despite its high standards in many areas, is not ranked among the very best for tap water quality.


Switzerland tops the list with its pristine, crystal-clear tap water. Thanks to the country’s rigorous purification processes and natural spring sources, Swiss tap water is often compared to bottled water in terms of purity.


Norway's water is known for being exceptionally pure, sourced from natural springs and glaciers. The country’s stringent regulations ensure that tap water is of the highest quality.


Finland boasts some of the cleanest tap water in the world, sourced from natural lakes and rivers. The country's focus on sustainability and environmental protection plays a crucial role in maintaining this quality.


Denmark's tap water is celebrated for its cleanliness and is subject to strict quality controls. The country's advanced treatment facilities ensure that every drop is safe to drink.


Iceland’s tap water is sourced from natural springs and geothermal areas, providing exceptionally clean and mineral-rich water.


Sweden is renowned for its high water quality standards, with tap water that is not only safe but also delicious.


Austria benefits from alpine springs that provide some of the purest water in Europe, maintained through strict environmental regulations.

Luxembourg and Germany

Both Luxembourg and Germany have excellent water treatment systems that guarantee safe and clean tap water.

New Zealand and Canada

New Zealand and Canada also rank highly, with their natural water sources and robust purification processes ensuring top-quality tap water.

The United Kingdom, Japan, and Spain

These countries maintain high standards of water treatment, offering clean and safe tap water across most regions.

Noteworthy Mention: Australia

While Australia has high standards for drinking water, it doesn’t quite make the top list. Variability in water quality across different regions and occasional contamination issues prevent it from ranking among the very best. However, it’s important to note that tap water in major Australian cities is still generally safe to drink.

In conclusion, these countries set the benchmark for clean and safe tap water, making them ideal destinations for travelers who prioritize water quality. While Australia might not be at the top, it still offers a commendable standard of tap water, ensuring safe hydration for its residents and visitors.

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