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Auspac Pure Water was founded in Brisbane, Queensland in 1999 by Dr Louis Y. C. Lu after the realisation that that the Australian bottled water industry was not offering the best possible water available to consumers.

Many consumers have the misconception that spring water or filtered water is the best water available to them. Only pure water is the CLEANEST, PUREST, HEALTHIEST & BEST TASTING water available today. The key to a long and healthy life, in addition to quality nutrition and an active lifestyle, is to consume the best water possible, Auspac Pure Water.

Here at Auspac we own & operate our plant & state of the art purification equipment imported from Pure Water in the USA. Our water is produced in-house, this ensures we have the strictest of quality controls. Our equipment is operated, frequently maintained & tested by expert service personnel to ensure that our water is 100% at all times. Our bottling machine has a 4 step process. Each of these processes assures you of receiving the best water in a safe & contamination free, environmentally friendly container.

Auspac has been proudly servicing Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South East Queensland for over 12 years with the lowest prices and highest quality.

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Auspac Pure Water has achieved a 4 star Eat Safe Brisbane food safety rating! Our business demonstrates a high level of compliance with the Food Act 2006 and overall good food safety management practices

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